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elogIQ - Logic Puzzles and Thinking Games to Exercise your Brain

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Our Consultants will be hosting Math Workshops in the homes of parents with children who will have the unique opportunity to experience and sample world class products. These educational games and puzzles aid children in the development of math skills such as critical thinking, reasoning and logic.

Consultants earn 25% Commission on all sales plus bonuses and other incentives.

No inventory or Sample Kits to purchase.

Orders and paperwork are submitted electronically with ease and convenience.

Receive bonuses for signing up other Consultants.


  • Receive 25% Commission on all Workshop sales (less shipping and handling)
  • Work your own schedule!
  • As a Consultant, receive a $50.00 gift card when you refer a friend. (Restrictions apply)
  • Receive your own Web page for processing orders at your convenience.
  • Free enrollment in elogIQ's IQlub.
  • Plus Bonuses and other incentives!!

Sample Workshop Consultant Agreement

For Inquiries or to apply email: buchanan@elogiq.com
or call 610-265-6028


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