The Game:

The game consists of  blue (player) and red (opponent) game pieces. The bottom of each game piece is hollow and fits perfectly on a peg of the same size on the board. If a game piece is elevated on the board (seen as an 'i'), the piece is situated on top of a peg that is larger than the hole on the bottom of the game piece. If a game piece is leveled (seen as a '.'), it is either in its correct position or situated on a peg that is smaller than its hole. The pegs on the bottom of the game pieces are arrange in order of their size, where the smallest is on the left and the largest is on the right. On your turn, you swap two of your game pieces by clicking on two blue buttons to try and make your pieces leveled ('.'). Once you swap two pieces, the computer will swap two of its pieces.

The Goal:

Your goal is to arrange your game pieces correctly quicker than your opponent.

Tips: If a game piece is elevated, you must move it in the direction of the smaller pegs. If a game piece is leveled, it can either stay in its location (if it is correctly positioned), or you may try to move it in the direction of the larger pegs. (However, if it was correctly positioned initially, it will not fit a larger peg).








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